The Story

The story of our company is similar to that of many other artisan firms that started up in Italy in the sixties. Remo Niccolai and Gianfranco Giusti began by producing sofas and armchairs, upholstered in both fabric and leather, and soon became known for their professionalism and their correct business approach. One of their main success factors was the perfect balance they achieved between antique and modern, tradition and innovation, by blending the old upholstering techniques with today’s techniques of research and design. Particular attention is paid to the environment, the rights and obligations of their employees and the selection of raw materials; all ingredients which ensure a product that is fully Italian-made. Today the company is run by the children of the respective founders who continue in their parents’ footsteps. The construction techniques have progressed without forgetting the traditions, ensuring that the sofas and armchairs produced are just as sturdy and comfortable as they used to be, while meeting the latest trends and requirements.

Our ethos

In the 1960s, an exciting time in Italy when the future looked decidedly rosy, Remo Nicolai and Gianfranco Giusti combined their skills to set up a company producing fabric and leather sofas and armchairs, with one clear concept in mind: respect. Respect for the Italian furniture-making tradition, for the quality of the raw materials, and for environmental standards. But most of all, respect for people. Today, the company is run by the children of its two founders. They apply forward-looking criteria, modern technology and methods to fit new market requirements, but always with the utmost respect for the things their fathers enshrined in their work.

The manufacturing cycle

All aspects of production are handled within the company thereby guaranteeing not only the precision and accuracy of each individual step but also overall control of the supply chain, materials and assembly. The cycle is split into stages, each of which is carried out by specialist and highly qualified personnel in processes in which expert craftsmanship is complemented by advanced industrial procedures; from carpentry and paintwork to the application of the gold and silver leaf, padding and upholstery. Special techniques, like buttoning or the application of braidings and trimmings, give each product its own unique identity. At the end, each product is carefully checked and only when this quality control has been successfully completed, can it be advanced for shipping.

Italian design

There is one thing the whole world recognizes Italy as having: a unique and inimitable aesthetic sense which, in the furniture field, emerges in creations of original design and unique personality. Since it's inception, Altavilla has always been a faithful interpreter of this kind of design, showing great style as it continues the tradition and follows the ever-changing needs of international markets. The company imagines, designs and makes armchairs and sofas, mindful that they must always be comfortable and long-lasting as well as an emblem of true Made in Italy style.

Where we are